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Important: please do not use this form to ask us questions about council services or services of any of the organisations listed on this directory.  

This form is only to contact the administrator of Wicklow Community Directory website if you have a listing on the website or are experiencing difficulty in registering.

We administer and maintain the website as a service to the local community but we are not able to answer questions about, or on behalf of, organisations listed, or the services they provide, or about services or activities that may exist in your local area. Sorry about that!

Please contact listed organisations or the council directly with any questions about their services or activities.

Please only use this form if:

  • You have fully read and followed online instructions on the Register page but are still experiencing difficulties in completing your registration or creating a listing for your service or organisation on the Wicklow Community Directory website.
  • You believe somebody has created a listing about your service or organisation without your permission.

If you wish to register and create a listing for your voluntary organisation or service, please click Register at top of our Home page and follow instructions.

Thank you.