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Pride festival

'Bringing the diverse Community together... to celebrate as One' We were inspired by the many Pride events across Ireland each year. While 'Pride'is associated with the LGBT community, our Pride invites everyone, not just LGBT, to join us in this unique and inclusive celebration. It was established by LGBTQ activist Dave Thomas (and co-founder of Arklow LGBT Group) in 2014, and was called 'Arklow Pride'. An organising group was established from this, and it was decided to have a Pride event that did not isolate or segregate the LGBTQ community, but an event that brought everyone together regardless of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, political persuasions etc., an event that removed all barriers and stigma to bring a community of people together as one. In January 2015, Arklow Pride was renamed Wicklow Pride - and a whole County has been invited to embrace the theme of Pride, to promote Inclusion - to accept Diversity and to work as a community that believes we are all Equal. Led by the Arklow LGBT Group, the Wicklow Pride Festival is part of the group, and is a non for profit community project whereby 100% of all money raised for the Festival is directed into the workings of the Wicklow Pride Festival. No member of the group will receive payment of any kind. Everyone donates their time, energy and creative talents to make this one amazing Festival for the people of all ages in Wicklow. We accept donations, sponsorship and will work with commercial enterprises to enable us to bring a fantastic festival to the community. We believe in the Community Spirit. We believe that a Community can change the world. We believe that a Community can eradicate bullying and discrimination of others. We believe that the LGBTQ community should not be segregated in the community. We believe a Community, working as one, can make a town, a County and a Country a happier, safer and better place to live. Please join us and share our dream, our mission, our work in bringing the Community together in celebration of Wicklow Pride.

Contact Information

8 St. Brigid's Terrace
Co Wicklow
086 166 4320