Glendalough Heritage Forum



The GHF increases understanding and stimulates community engagement with the heritage of Glendalough

The Glendalough Heritage Forum (GHF) is a non-statutory partnership that seeks to increase understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of the Glendalough Valley and to stimulate wider community engagement with this heritage through collaborative initiatives. The Glendalough Heritage Forum (GHF) aims to increase communication, collaboration and understanding between those with an interest in the cultural heritage of the famous valley of Glendalough and surrounding settlements. The Forum consists of a wide range of stakeholders including; local residents, land owners, state agencies, County Council representatives and researchers from a variety of institutions. The aim of the GHF is

  • to facilitate understanding and management of the remarkable cultural heritage of Glendalough
  • to engage local communities in this process
  • to maximise the benefits of working together and sharing information.

Contact Information

UCD School of Archaeology
Newman Building, Belfield
Co Wicklow
(01) 716 8613