Bray CFR Monthly Training

Thursday, 5 April, 2018

When: Thursday 5th April 2018 20:00 aim to finish 22:00

Where: Taylor Centre, Vevay Rd, Bray

Enter Taylor Centre from Vevay Road opposite entrance to Seacrest. Go down laneway between two pillars, right pillar says Oldcourt House. Down laneway, through gates. Obey parking signs. Exit at back gate to sugarloaf crescent.

How much: Free

Who can go: Anyone. Just let us know if you intend to go.

Training sessions usually consists of:

Different skill stations and can include the following: CPR and AED use(Adult Child and Paediatric), Chest Pain, Stroke, SAMPLE history, Choking, Recovery Position

Tea and biscuit break and chat

After training we have an internal discussion amongst members of Bray CFR. If you have not signed the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement you may be asked to leave or go to a different room.

Contact Details: 

Message us on facebook at , email us on or ring our co-ordinator on 0862658455