Neighbourhood Network summer activities 2020


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Neighbourhood Network summer activity website is a free online resource with 30+ great ideas to get you rediscovering the joy of your neighbourhood’s streets. This summer is a perfect opportunity to get involved and celebrate our community – so get the bunting out, bring a bit of colour to the neighbourhood and connect with your neighbours!

About Neighbourhood Network

Over the past eleven years – through encouraging neighbours to celebrate their local communities by gathering over great food, Neighbourhood Network has built up a network of inspiring and proactive Street Feasters in neighbourhoods across the country. During lock-down, in the absence of family visits and normal social life many have relied on the kindness and support of neighbours for support and to provide the human connection we need.

Summer 2020 is set to be very unique and as restrictions are loosened, we don’t want those who may still be isolating to be forgotten, we want to maintain and celebrate the connections that have formed. So Neighbourhood Network has created a summer activity website with 30+ great ideas on how to connect responsibly with your neighbours while completing different activities in your communities. Neighbourhoods come in all different shapes and sizes. So whether its activities for rural neighbourhoods, apartments or housing estates, all communities have the chance to be included.

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