Saykan Combat - Filipino Martial Arts - Arnis / Escrima



Martial arts classes

We teach genuine Filipino Martial Arts of Escrima also known as Arnis. This is now the national Sport of the Philippines. Classes are suitable for adults.

Techniques are designed to give a smaller person an advantage over bigger stronger attackers and do not require strenght or brute force. People train for different reasons which include excercise, self defence, sport, or to learn an Art. Techniques include Single / Double Stick / Sword, Short Stick, Palm stick, Empty Hand, Striking, blocking, counter striking, locking, throwing, ground techniques.

Fun Classes. New members and Beginners always welcome. Classes Saturdays 3pm and Wednesdays 9pm.

Contact Information

Masters Temple
Top Floor, Bray Bowl, opposite Bray Dart Station
A98 E6X4
Co Wicklow
087 061 8897


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