Common Ground Bray



Members-based community group dedicated to living a co-operative & ecological lifestyle

Common Ground Bray is a not-for-profit membership-based group dedicated to living a co-operative and ecological lifestyle in the local area.

It was set up by a small group of like-minded people who were seeking alternatives to the consumer-fuelled ethos of much of modern life.  Membership is open to all who share the group's aims, which are to provide a network and a space to:

  • help people support each other in sharing their skills and talents for free;
  • source healthy and sustainable food at a fair price through a monthly members' organic buyers club and organic market;
  • encourage environmentally friendly approaches to contemporary living.

Members can avail of a monthly organic buyers club and market with local produce and crafts, and a range of low-cost courses and workshops in the loft space.

Room to hire for community purposes for a small fee.

Contact Information

Beverley Studios
Church Terrace
Co Wicklow