Carraig Dulra



Organic & Permaculture Farm

Carraig Dulra Ltd is an environmental social enterprise set up by Mike and Suzie Cahn in 2007.

Its activities and programmes are run throughout County Wicklow and beyond and aim to help people maintain or develop their connection to the natural world.  Carraig Dulra creates spaces to learn how to live more justly, healthily and sustainably into a resilient future.

Courses and events in permaculture design, bush craft, foraging and nature walks, organic gardening, cooking with un-processed home grown ingredients, natural building: cob, straw bale, heritage skills, art, woodland crafts, art and natural well-being workshops, how to create local livelihoods, sustainable business, skills exchange networks and community collaboration and more.

Outreach projects include setting up and supporting school and community gardens, and a CSA (community supported agriculture) project called OOOOBY (out of our own back yard) which runs a local food box scheme. All their educational and outreach offerings have been underpinned with content that comes from the ethics of permaculture which are Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

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Carraig Dulra Farm
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