Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals



Inspectorate service

The ISPCA Inspectors are at the forefront of animal welfare, they respond to allegations of cruelty, neglect and abuse and also to aid sick and injured animals. In the vast majority of cases our officers find a solution to most problems by working with the owners of the animal(s) involved. Unfortunately however, this is not always the case and on occasion instances of cruelty, neglect or abuse are uncovered. The ISPCA Inspectorate directly interacts with thousands of animals throughout the year, and where necessary competently follow prosecutions.

ISPCA Animal Centre's

The ISPCA's two rescue and rehabilitation centre's were developed in order to support the ISPCA Inspectorate and member societies with the rescue, rehabilitation and responsible re-homing of cruelly treated and neglected animals.

The ISPCA National Animal Centre based in Keenagh, Co Longford opened in 2002 and is accessible to our Inspectors from across Ireland. The centre is designed to provide veterinary care and rehabilitation to all animals subjected to cruelty or neglect and to return them to a state which enables them to be responsibly re-homed. The National Animal Centre can house over a 100 animals in need at any one time.

The ISPCA Victor Dowling Equine Rescue Centre is located in Mallow, Co Cork. Following the huge increase in cruelty calls involving horses and ponies, the decision was taken to develop a centre for the rescue and rehabilitation of all equines. Staff at the centre in Cork, care for many equines from the south of the country, and also collaborate closely with the equine unit in Longford.

The Cork and Longford Centre's both aid the Inspectorate and support the ISPCA's 20 Member Societies and other animal welfare organisations throughout Ireland.


Education is paramount to furthering the Society's objectives in preventing cruelty and promoting kindness to animals. The ISPCA believes that raising people's awareness is the best insurance against cruelty to animals in the future. The ISPCA aims to prevent cruelty, neglect and abuse to all animals and to promote compassion for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.

The Society is the umbrella organisation for 20 affiliated local animal welfare organisations and as such provides training and support to a dedicated and committed core of volunteers.

School visits to the ISPCA National Animal Centre are an integral part of our education programme, children are the key to the future of animal welfare in Ireland.

ISPCA work experience programmes have provided many opportunities for students in different areas such as office work and animal care.

ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline

A National Animal Cruelty Helpline operated by the ISPCA, deals with many thousands of calls regarding animal welfare. The public have become more aware of animal welfare and intolerant of what they perceive to be cruelty or neglect. Consequently the volume of calls to the ISPCA has increased in recent years and continues to rise stretching our services beyond measure. If you believe an animal is in need please call 1890 515515 Monday to Friday 9-5pm in the strictest of confidence, or you may fill in a confidential online complaint form.

Services for Animals and People

The ISPCA receives tens of thousands of queries each year from members of public needing help and advice about animals; we provide a wide range of advice and information through our newsletters, website and seminars.

The ISPCA actively supports and provides a limited service for Outreach programmes for people that have intellectual difficulties. The ISPCA supports physical and therapeutic programmes for the elderly and liaises with social workers and family in helping to facilitate the care of pets.


Throughout Irish history our foundling members have campaigned and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of animals that are suffering across Ireland and have had many successes. The ISPCA continues to actively campaign Nationally and internationally against live export of horses for slaughter, the plight of Circus Animals, Exotic Animal legislation, Stray and unwanted dog situation within Ireland, Irish Greyhound Industry, Whaling, Bullfighting, Wild birds for pet trade, Seal Hunting, Against live cattle exports to Middle East, Intensive Dog Breeding Establishment Bill, Animal Health and Welfare Bill, Dangerous Wild Animals, Stray and Feral cat situation within Ireland to name a few.

Contact Information

ISPCA, National Animal Centre
Derryglogher Lodge, keenagh
043 332 5035